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Govt is Not Serious in Realizing Food Self-Sufficiency: Lawmaker

Govt is Not Serious in Realizing Food Self-Sufficiency: Lawmaker

Skalanews - House of Representatives Commission IV lawmaker Viva Yoga Mauladi assessed that during 2013, the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) had no serious commitment in achieving food self-sufficiency.

This, said Viva, was proved by the small amount of funding in the state budget for the Ministry of Agriculture, only at 1.5 percent. Moreover, he added, in the state budget of 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture did not include among the ten prioritized ministries/agencies.

"The government should have increased the allocation for at least 10 percent more, because it is impossible to realize the self-sufficiency with only a small fund," said Viva in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/31).

The National Mandate Party (PAN) politician also highlighted the procurement of quality fertilizer and improved seed that he judged dormant, so it had failed to add significant contribution to the agricultural productivity.

In 2014, said Viva, the government should also establish centers of food commodities specific to the potential of each region in order to anticipate problems on availability, security, and distribution of food.

"Then make new rice fields, especially outside Java, in order to reduce the dramatic land conversions, which now reach approximately 100 thousand hectares per year. Build infrastructures that needed for preservation of water resources in forest areas, as well as utilization of the river for irrigation," he ended. (Risman Afrianda/Nra)


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  • Govt is Not Serious in Realizing Food Self-Sufficiency: Lawmaker

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